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Posted: Jan. 29 2007, 21:03 ET

I weighed out 3.5 oz of scallops, thoroughly rinsed in cold water to wash out more sodium.  In a PAMmed pan, 2 oz green chopped onion.  Saute.  Add the scallops, saute for 2 mins until cooked.  Add 1 tsp Vegeta and 2 cups water.  Bring to boil.  Toss in 3 oz shiratake noodles, and 2 oz spinach.  Bring back to boil and simmer for a few minutes.  Toss into blender and pulse.  Add fresh ground pepper and a squeeze of lemon.  This was a delicious way to warm up with a nice thick soup on a cold winter night.

Yield:  1 Protein, 1/2 Vegetable, 1 Miscellaneous:Garnish, 1 Miscellaneous:Seasoning

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Posted: Jan. 29 2007, 21:22 ET

This sounds very interesting Lisa.  Was the color/consistency more like chicken noodle soup, or did you blend it long enough to break down the noodles and scallops into more of a cream colored broth?

Posted: Jan. 29 2007, 22:55 ET

You know, I would love to eat this with the scallops cut up into small pieces instead and avoiding the blender all together.

It sounds lovely!!!

Posted: Feb. 10 2007, 22:51 ET

Actually, I took half of the soup and put it in the blender and blended it so that it was mostly smoothed out, but then added it to the other unblended half - hence the chowder!  I've just made this again tonight but with white fish (didn't have the scallops) and blended it smooth.  Both were great.

Posted: May 10 2007, 12:25 ET

is there a place in Ontario or what store do you buy the noodles.??
thank you Ellen

Posted: May 10 2007, 13:11 ET

Ellen - I ordered mine from the Low Carb Grocery in Toronto.   I was hestitant to order food online but so many people here had given it thumbs up that I just went for it!  I received my order in 2 days.
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