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Posted: Jan. 27 2007, 21:02 ET

This may be a little elaborate for a single meal, but I really enjoyed it.  You can always use the recipe adjuster to make a bigger version of it.

3.5 oz. lean ground beef or veal (must grind yourself)
1 jalapeno - flesh only, seeds removed (about one ounce) -- substitute green pepper if you don't like jalapeno
1/2 oz. onion
1 oz. mushrooms
12 Breton minis
1 Tbsp Heinz Low Carb Ketchup
1 Tbsp tomato paste
dash of black pepper

1. Start oven preheating to 350 degrees.
2. Use mini-food processor (like a Black and Decker Handy Chopper) to finely chop the onions, mushrooms, and jalapeno (or green pepper)
3. Break the Breton minis up into small pieces -- not into dust, just crumbled.
4. Knead all ingredients together.
5. Spray (very) small casserole dish with Pam.
6. Firmly press kneaded mixture into bottom of casserole dish to remove all air and make solid.
7. Cover and bake at 350 degrees for about 18 minutes (be sure the meatloaf is cooked through in the center).
8. While that is baking, mix the ketchup and tomato paste to an even consistency.
9. Remove meatloaf from oven, drain liquid, apply ketchup/tomato paste mixture evenly to top of meatloaf (as if icing a cake).
10. Leave cover off and bake for another 5 minutes to cook the topping and dry it out).


Yield: 1 Protein, 1/4 Vegetable, 1 Bread, 1 Miscellaneous:Seasoning*, 1 Miscellaneous:Garnish

* As tomato paste limit 1 Tbsp. per day

Posted: Jan. 28 2007, 01:50 ET

:D Sounds great, Brian!  I'll try making a few portions in mini loaf pans and freezing some for later.

Posted: Jan. 30 2007, 09:59 ET

Tried this last night, I had been craving meatloaf for a long time but the rest of the family does not like it.  It was great, I added a tsp of allowed mustard to the meat before cook to add a bit more flavour.  Thank you for the recipie Brian.

Posted: Jan. 30 2007, 10:16 ET

Good idea with the mustard Sherrie.  I was thinking the meat needed a little something since it is so low fat it doesn't have a lot of flavor.  Michelle suggested a Tbsp of Walden Farms BBQ sauce.  Might try that too...

Posted: Jan. 31 2007, 18:27 ET

It's in the oven now......hopefully it turns out well!!  :D

Posted: Jan. 31 2007, 19:17 ET

OK I just made this and all I can say is WOW......it is sooooo good....I'm shocked.  This is for sure a dish I'd make even if I wasn't on the diet.

So here is what I did a bit different....

- I used red peppers instead of green.
- I put the WF Honey BBQ sauce in with the meat mixture.
- I added a little bit of liquid sweetener to the Ketchup and Tomato Paste....I found it really made it tangy!!

Anyway this was really good.....I can't believe how good it is.  I doubled the amount and it took about 45 mins to cook @ 350.

Thank You Brian!!!

Posted: Jan. 31 2007, 20:24 ET

I like your modifications Nick.  Maybe I'll make this again tomorrow night.

Posted: Jan. 31 2007, 21:02 ET

My fiance even loves it....I doubled the recipe so I have some for lunch tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Posted: Jan. 31 2007, 21:13 ET

Every once in awhile I invent something that turns out decent.  I think the suggestions you all have made in this topic will make it that much better.

Posted: Jan. 31 2007, 21:57 ET

Also I just realized that you have it as 12 Breton Mini's....which is fine if it's the Original, Veg, or French Onion.  If it's Honey only 7 or Chedder it's 9 per serving.

Posted: Feb. 1 2007, 20:59 ET

It was so good I made it again tonight.... :D

Posted: Feb. 5 2007, 13:52 ET


I tried your recipe and it was awesome.  That was the first red meat I have eaten since starting the diet and the recipe made it taste great.  I will need to add this to my eat to my repetoire.  

Thanks to all else for the modifications.   I forgot to add the crackers to my version and it still turned out great.

YUM YUM YUM - well worth the trip to the store for the mini loaf pans.

Posted: Apr. 15 2007, 09:49 ET

Thanks Brian for this recipe. It was awesome! I doubled it and put half in the freezer and had it another day...very yummy. :D