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Posted: Jun. 25 2015, 22:35 ET

One of the best pieces of advice I received on these forums was to buy a grill like a George Foreman grill. Because I gave myself a lot of time to prepare for this diet, I did a lot of research about grills because I wanted to buy the right one. I ended up buying the T-fal Optigrill and I wanted to recommend it. The wonderful thing about this grill is it's programs. You can select the type of meat you're cooking and it cooks it to rare, medium, and well-done (it beeps at each interval) so it's never over done. It even cooks from frozen. And it's super easy to clean as both plates can be easily removed.

I noticed that walmart.ca has it on sale for $129.77 right now, (which is way less than I paid for it). I cook almost all my meat on it and swear by this grill, so I wanted to pass that little piece of advice along.