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Posted: Aug. 6 2013, 19:11 ET

Celery Soup
12 oz celery (about 6 stalks)
1 veggie bullion cube (Knorr)
3 garlic cloves pressed
5 oz onion (1 medium)
1Tbsp curry powder
5 oz black eyed beans
4 cups water
parsley (I used chopped fresh)
Salt & Pepper & herbs to taste

1. Spray PAM in saucepan and saute the onion along with garlic and curry powder
2.Add celery and black eyed beans and saute some more for about 5 minutes with little salt.
3.Add the stock/water. Cover and cook until the vegetables are soft - about 10-15min.
4.Puree the vegetables smoothly in a blender
5.Pour it back into the saucepan, add herbs if using and pepper to taste.
6.Serve hot garnished with celery leaves.

2 cups of soup = 1 protein, 1 veggie, 1 optional

You could omit the beans but that makes the soup very runny and not quite as nice a texture. Depending on the type of curry you use you may want to use more or less than suggested - I like a little "kick" to my soup.