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Posted: Jun. 8 2012, 13:56 ET

I was reading here trying to find a cheeseburger recipe that would work.  Snce I don't have a grinder, I went to Zehrs and found an eye of the round steak (very little fat marbling) that was 1000 grams.  I asked the butcher if he could grind it for me and he said "absolutely!".   When I got it home, I broke it into 80 gram balls and to each one I added

1 Ryvita snack bread cracker (these are very flimsy and light but I wanted a binder that had low sodium)
2 tablespoons egg beaters
1 tbsp diced onions
1/4 teaspoon fresh garlic
Sprinkle of Mrs Dash (allowed)

I made them into balls again and wrapped each one in plastic wrap.  I put the weight of the meat on each ball with a marker and put all the balls into a big baggie with the date and the kind of meat.  Now that they are frozen, anytime my family is having burgers, I can draw one out and get mine barbecued along with the others - of course I only have it once a week!  But the other night I wanted one and we were out of propane so I thawed a couple and put them into a muffin tin and hubby and I had a great mini meatloaf each

I made them 80 grams on purpose so when I add a slice of Fat Free cheese, I am covered but if you don't like cheese, you can increase the size to maybe 90 grams to account for the egg beaters.

If having them as a hamburger, half an allowed Protein Oat Bran Haddad pita makes a really excellent substitute for a regular hamburger bun and holds lettuce and the allowed condiments with the burger perfectly.

Posted: Jun. 9 2012, 01:20 ET

excellent!  I've done similar but I like your recipe better, I'm going to give it a try this weekend.

Posted: Jun. 9 2012, 13:17 ET

Tom, coming from you, that is high praise!  You have probably found this during your miraculous transformation (absolutely incredible and enviable by the way!!!!) but I'm getting bored with the menu despite the variety on the allowed lists.  And I find when my family is eating the old standards, I feel a little left out and frustrated so I am coming up with Dr B revisions of these old favorites.  I have been digging through the recipe sections for ideas and what a great resource that is!

I know it's been said a lot of times before, but this blog is a godsend.  As a first timer, I was so nervous to try it after all the bad press I read (my Dr was very opposed as well).  I was worried there wouldn't be anything to eat but it just takes so creative thinking.

Thanks for sharing your journey.  You and Brian are great motivators and I know we all are benefiting from your posts.

Posted: Aug. 13 2012, 10:35 ET

If you have no issues with veal, you could have burgers everyday. I make veal burgers several times a week (sometimes twice a day) and love them.

Posted: Aug. 14 2012, 15:47 ET

I do this with Chicken or Turkey (but I'll admit i normally just get the ground chicken from Loblaw and it's been fine for me all along)