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Posted: Jan. 26 2012, 14:07 ET

I'm posting this in "Bulletin Board" instead of "Board Operations" so that it will be visible even to guests in case anybody is having trouble logging in (so they can still see this).

Well, we're back from a pretty horrible outage, and unfortunately there was data loss.  I won't go into all the gory details, but the folks that host the forums made an administrative error which resulted in basically the entire server being erased.  

Unfortunately the last backup that was of the type that can recover the entire server was back on 11/22/2011, so as of this moment, the forums are back to the way they looked as of that date.  I was able to re-create all of the user accounts that were created since then, and send out new "welcome" message to those folks.  If you got a new email welcoming you to the forum, that's why.

If you had changed your password since 11/22/2011, it's now back to what it was on 11/22/2011, so if you're having trouble logging in, consider that.

Although I had nothing to do with the incident, I offer my sincerest apologies for it.  I am extremely bothered by the loss of all of the posts that have occurred between 11/22 and now -- unfortunately there is no way to get them back.

Also, remember that everything is back to the way it was including your ticker, so you'll want to go update your ticker and get it current again.

I will be looking for a new home to host the forums in an effort to ensure this doesn't happen again.  Again my sincere apologies for the loss of the posts.  If anybody is having trouble logging in, please email me at "staff at drbforums dot com"  (spelled out to frustrate the spam bots) and I'll get you taken care of.

Posted: Jan. 28 2012, 08:28 ET

phew!  the only crisis was that my ticker said i had only lost 6 pounds, instead of 30.  that was frightening!