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Posted: Apr. 22 2011, 19:06 ET

I often find getting my 4 litres a day challenging and get so sick of sipping water. I made this and it is a great change.

Strawberry lemonade smoothy
2 cup icecubes
2 cup water
6 Strawberries
3/4 cup lemon juice
6 packets of Splenda
1 mini-container of Yoplait Source Yogurt - Lemon Merringue flavour

Blend all together and enjoy cold.

Recipe = 1 serving Fruit + garnishes

NOTE: Some people have had Yoplait Source Yogurt approved in clinics in BC and Ontario but is not added to official list yet =)


Posted: Apr. 26 2011, 17:48 ET

YUMMY!!!!! I too have a hard time drinking ALL the water and I find that I am mixing my 3 litres with Crystal Light, which I really hate drinking that much of.

I will def. try this.  Thanks for the suggestion Tdot-Mama