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Posted: Feb. 20 2011, 21:49 ET

ok, so today I felt like soup (having made a huge pot of Jewish penicillin for hubby and my girls yesterday), I looked at the Dr. B cookbook and decided to make the Peel-a-Pound soup.  Lots of veggies for sure but the recipe does not call for enough seasonings.  Made as described in the book, you get lots of veggies in a very bland broth - 1 tbsp of vegeta for the whole pot does not cut it and trust me it is a VERY large pot of soup.  Now I like my soups very savoury so I 'enhanced' this soup by adding lots of black pepper, garlic powder, and 2 packets of OXO chicken boullion.

I am happy to say it turned out great.  The yield in the cookbook says 1 cup of soup = 1 vegetable serving.  I think the extra seasonings are probably neglible given the vast amount of soup you get but I guess you could say 1 seasoning (or maybe even 1/2??).  Anyway, delish!