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Posted: Aug. 3 2010, 01:02 ET

Hey all,

Just had a delicious, easy to make VERY filling dinner I thought I'd share.

I made it with tofu, but I'm sure would be perfect with chicken too!

4 oz shiritaki noodles, tofu, onions and mushrooms, pan fried with 1 tbsp of tandori paste, fresh garlic and a little bit of ginger. Delish! Felt like I was cheating.

Posted: Aug. 6 2010, 07:13 ET

Definitely need to try this one!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Posted: Aug. 6 2010, 09:29 ET

oh boy, this does sound good.  I will have to try this next week!

Posted: Aug. 6 2010, 10:17 ET

I am going to have this tonight!  I am vegetarian so will have it with the tofu.  It sounds wonderful!  Thanks for sharing.

Posted: Jul. 6 2011, 14:05 ET

I made this today with chicken and loved it.  I didn't think I liked curry but wanted something different.  This was perfect.  I omitted the ginger but otherwise made as written.  I was stuffed.  Will definately make this again. :thumbs: