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Posted: Jun. 21 2010, 19:08 ET

Call me crazy but I like the noodles cold too.

Today after all the rinsing of them, I added in a drop of soy (like literally a drop) then let them sit for a moment then rinsed them again quick and patted the noodles dry. I worry about the salt in soy and i know these things suck up flavour like crazy so I figured a little rinse after couldn't hurt and it did leave a nice flavour on them.

I had some pieces of chicken breast, a little spice of your choice, chopped peppers, tomato, onion, and purple cabbage and wrapped the veggies meat and noodles up in the lettuce leaf.

Very portable for work too! Lettuce leaves in a baggie with some paper towel, noodles in a snack size baggie, and veggies and meat in another. :)

My portion of noodles and 100g of chicken along with the heap of veggies made me four lovely wraps.