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Posted: Mar. 16 2010, 19:07 ET

I am relatively new to the Program and am finding my food options very limited as I have not been able to find most of the items on the list that are certified Kosher.  Also, Passover is approaching and that presents another challenge (except for the matzah allowance).  

Anyone who can help?  I live in Toronto.


Posted: Mar. 17 2010, 02:26 ET

Hi Sera,

Sorry I'm no help but I thought I would post to keep this post current in the 'new posts'.  I know I never check the recipes section etc unless I'm looking for something.

Good luck!

Posted: Mar. 17 2010, 12:16 ET

Sera I am almost sure that when I was on the diet the first time that the clinic had a kosher food list.  Have you checked with them?  I eat organic and don't use many of the processed foods like protein bars etc.  I can't get the Allegro cheese anymore so that eliminates the cheese problem.  About the only thing that I eat that you can't have is the Joseph's pita, but you have the matzah.  I use lots of herbs from Safeway Litehouse herbs to sprinkle on my salads with lime juice and a bit of salt so I try to stay away from the garnishes that are processed too.  Are there certain products that you are missing that we could help you with?

Posted: Apr. 14 2011, 01:36 ET

I started in March 2011 and there are six recipes in the kosher section in the recipe book they give you at the clinic?? have you checked that?  We tend to go to the states and buy our Kosher meat from Trader Joes.. not sure about Toronto though... We also eat alot of Israeli salad(minus the olive oil) My hubby makes us Yemenite soup sometimes on Friday, I just don't eat any other vegetables other then onion in my broth!