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ChinaDoll TKP
Posted: Feb. 8 2010, 22:23 ET

This has been one of my favorite treats when dieting.  I haven't seen it on here so I thought I would share.  

1 Can diet Root Beer (or any other diet soda)
2 Tbsps Frozen Cool Whip Free (Can use less if conserving Garnishes)

Assemble like a float and enjoy!

Posted: Feb. 8 2010, 23:23 ET

Sounds awesome, but here's the question... Are we allowed cool whip!?! Because that would be deee-vine!

ChinaDoll TKP
Posted: Feb. 8 2010, 23:36 ET

Yes we can have 2 tbsp of Cool whip free as a Garnish....I like mine frozen and pretend its ice cream...goes great with jello and fruit (when i can actually have it :-P)

Posted: Feb. 9 2010, 01:24 ET

ugh i dont think u can get that kind of cool whip in canada :( pleaseee let me know if you find it sounds delicious

ChinaDoll TKP
Posted: Feb. 9 2010, 01:27 ET

If you get the FF Reddi Whip you just put it in a ceramic bowl and freeze for an hour or so.  Works just as well.

Posted: Feb. 9 2010, 02:29 ET

Christina - Unfortunately the cool whip we're allowed is only available in the states... I would love to be corrected if I'm wrong though... It's been awhile since I was on the diet and things change so quick in the Dr. B world!

Posted: Feb. 9 2010, 13:00 ET

Jessie sadly i think you are right...hmmm i should take a shopping trip out there hehe