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Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 10:58 ET

Roasted Red Pepper & Basil Soup

16 ounces red peppers
1 head of garlic
1.5 cups water
2 tablespoons Vegeta seasoning (or use 1.5 cups of chicken broth instead)
1 tsp basil

Cut up peppers into slices, spray Pam or Becel topping spray on to peppers and garlic. Sprinkle basil on to peppers. Bake in oven for 30 minutes or until soft. Place peppers and garlic into pot with water and vegeta seasoning (or chicken broth) and bring to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes until peppers are completely soft. Use immersion blender (or place all contents into regular blender) and blend until smooth. Serve with fresh basil sprinkled on top.

2 servings of vegetables

Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 11:17 ET

That just made my tummy growl.

Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 11:37 ET

Mine too, I made it yesterday, I actually doubled my recipe so I could have lots on hand. This weekend my other half is out of town and I tend to like to snack a lot when he is gone since I dont cook regular meals for him, that way I can just throw some of this in a cup and sip on it as a snack, yum yum!

Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 11:41 ET

Just be careful with this soup, especially those who may have trouble staying in ketosis.  Both the red peppers and tomatoes can effect your ketosis in the same way as fruit.  Therefore if you've had your two servings of fruit, as well as the red peppers, it can throw you out of ketosis.

If you have no problem burning then it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 11:55 ET

That is a good tip, I never thought of that, I rarely eat my 2 fruit servings at all each day so its no biggy for me.

Individual Gal
Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 18:36 ET

Just a word to the wise here, there are 700 mg of Sodium per TEASPOON of Vegeta.  There are 6 teaspoons in 2 Tablespoons, therefore you are consuming 4200 mg of sodium in that soup alone!

There is more sodium in your soup than  in almost three DOUBLE quarter pounders with cheese from McDonald's(1300 mg sodium per quarter pounder).

Just thought I would give you a head's up, because I retain water after eating 1/4 Teaspoon of Vegeta, I can't imagine the water retention in two tablespoons.

Also, we are only allowed one tablespoon of Vegeta per day on Dr. B.

Yes, I know I am a downer, just thought I would let you know!  :;):

Posted: Feb. 4 2010, 18:53 ET

Well, I have to try this soup, with less sodium....I might add some reduced sodium chicken broth...just for some more flavor....

Posted: Feb. 5 2010, 11:31 ET

You can use more or less begeta obviously or chicken broth, i dont have issues with retaining water and sodium issues, so I make it how I like it. Everyone is different. Also I do only have 1 tablespoon per day, this soup makes 2 8 ounce servings and I only have one or sometimes even half a serving at a time.

Posted: Feb. 5 2010, 19:29 ET

Carebear thanks for sharing this idea.

I just made my own version with 10 oz peppers, 6oz tomatoe, clove of garlic and red pepper flakes....roasted that simmered with 1/2 cup of chicken broth and 1/4 water (not really needed) and pureed....I will add fresh basil next time I have it.

Not that creamy, but fresh tasting and delish...

Posted: May 10 2011, 10:56 ET

Im looking for more soup ideas and this looks good! Im gonna try this and watch out for the sodium :) Thanks carebear :)

Posted: May 10 2011, 11:30 ET

for anyone who doesn't have time to make this, wellseasoned.com offers a really awesome red pepper soup.  Delicious and super convenient.