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Posted: Jan. 31 2010, 19:03 ET

Try this:
4 0z chicken
Fry together until cooked-add in shirataki noodles and fry some more.
When hot add in a tbsp of sour cream, one wedge of laughing cow cheese and pepper.
This is so good!

Posted: Jan. 31 2010, 19:17 ET

Sounds delish. !  Note that quantity is for maintainers.  Adjust accordingly for strict.  :)

Posted: Jan. 31 2010, 20:27 ET

Can we have Laughing Cow cheese on Strict?????

Posted: Feb. 1 2010, 00:09 ET

No Sealy, we can't have the laughing cheese on strict.   You could try the fat-free cheese slices or the Allegro cheese instead.   You can buy the allegro cheese at superstore.

Posted: Jul. 14 2010, 22:55 ET

I made a variation of this for dinner tonight and it was incredible!  I used 100g of chicken which I cubed and quickly fried in a skillet with Pam.  I removed the chicken and added in 3 TBSP of WF Alfredo sauce and 130g of well washed Shirataki noodles.  I let that heat up (no cooking required) then plated and topped with the chicken and a little fresh parsley.  I added 230g of broccoli and had a wicked, quick dinner (1 protein, 2 Misc, 1 veg).  I will definitely be having this again!

Posted: Jul. 15 2010, 09:46 ET

Is the WF Alfredo sauce any good?

I bought the WF pasta sauce, the orange one, and I didn't like it too much............but I'm willing to try anything once!!!!

Posted: Jul. 15 2010, 16:22 ET

I thought it was excellent, but I've liked most of the WF products I've tried so far (except the blue cheese, that went right in the garbage).  though not as polarizing as Shirataki noodles, it seems like people either like WF products or not...

Posted: Jul. 15 2010, 16:24 ET

I tried a lick on my finger when I got it and it had the worst aftertaste ever!  (Sorry WF, but just being honest).  I am too scared to actually try it in noodles LOL!!!

I think sour cream and cream cheese (dont think we are allowed laughing cow??) would be MUCH better.

Posted: Jul. 16 2010, 15:21 ET

yup, people either really notice an aftertaste or not.  I'm one of those that doesn't notice any aftertaste.  And the WF products are cheap to begin with, its too bad people can't try them before they buy to see if they like the taste/consistency/etc.

Posted: Jul. 16 2010, 19:40 ET

Some WF products  I really love alot..........in fact most really.......but the tomato/pasta sauce I didn't like., so a bit leary to try the Alfredo  :D

I may try the cream cheese and see how it works......

Tom, you don't like the Shirataki noodles?  Yep, they're a love or hate item for sure.  I love them.........once the smell is gone  :p .....lol.....

Has anyone tried the WF chocolate sauce?  Not the dip one, but the one that pours out in a salad dressing type bottle?  YUM., helps to battle the sweet tooth....

Posted: Jul. 16 2010, 19:41 ET

Oops, sorry Tom....I do see you used the Shirataki noodles.......guess you liked them too then.  :)

Posted: Jul. 16 2010, 21:20 ET

I love the Shirataki noodle!  quickly becoming a staple for me.

Posted: Jul. 17 2010, 00:05 ET

I use the low fat cream cheese with chicken, or pork, chicken stock, onion, mushrooms and any other assorted vegetable that I have in the fridge. It is one of my favourite Dr. B. dinners!

Posted: Jul. 17 2010, 10:25 ET

I am going to be making that for myself tonight!!!!!!  Kind of exciting to have a new dish to try out (with the Shirataki noodles of course!!!  :) )