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Posted: Jan. 11 2010, 18:12 ET

Just wondering if anyone has any new and exciting recipes that they would like to share.  I am quite bored of my chicken and broccoli and want to venture over to the wild side

Posted: Jan. 11 2010, 18:34 ET

I just made butter chicken, the recipe is posted on ther board under chicken.

it was fabulous.  I would highly recommand it to all.

The recipe makes 4 servings.  I am taking it for lunch tomorrow to have in a wrap.

Good luck

Posted: Jan. 11 2010, 20:04 ET

Lately, I have been stir frying vegetables using pam, adding fat-free chicken stock and just before serving -one tablespoon of fat-free cream cheese. You can also add protein, such as chicken or pork tenderloin.  

It is the closest thing to pasta that we have on this diet and it is delicious!

Posted: May 29 2010, 01:30 ET

I made a stirfry that was close to chinese food...

3.5 oz lean beef cut into strips
3 oz bean sprouts

After the beef browned, I added all the vegetables and cooked with a bit of soya sauce. Delicious!

*start with a hot frying pan or wok coated with pam

Posted: May 29 2010, 11:02 ET

:p mmm this one is delicious...

1 joseps pita (from low carb grocery)
3.5 oz chicken - cooked on the bbq
1-2 tbsp Walden Farms Thick n' Spicy bbq sauce
veggies - lettuce, tomato etc.

cook chicken on bbq and shred with fork when done, put on pita with sauce and veggies....wonderful!!! and filling!   :D