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Posted: Dec. 9 2006, 10:41 ET

Spaghetti Sauce

This is a long cooking crock pot recipe - so be prepared to start the day before you want to eat it to get the best results.  I made this in bulk so I could freeze it - so drop the portions accordingly for less servings:

500g (17.5 oz.) Lean ground veal (you need to use your own meat grinder - or have it ground for you on a fresh, clean meat grinder to avoid extra fat)
1350g (48 oz.) Diced tomatoes
350g (12 oz.) Chopped Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom and Yellow Hot Pepper (just a small piece)
3 small cloves of fresh garlic chopped or minced
3 Tbsp tomato paste (only allowed 1 Tbsp / day)
2/3 cup of Campbell's fat free beef broth
2 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Cayenne
1 Tbsp dried herbs [I use Litehouse Freeze Dried Herbs (Salad Herb Blend) - which has in it -  Parsley, Red Onion, Chives, Shallots, garlic and dill.]

Put your diced tomatoes and herbs into your crock pot and set to high to heat it up.

Fry your veal in a hot pan with onions, mushrooms, green Pepper and Yellow Hot Pepper with Pepper and Cayenne.  Use a little bit of allowed Pam when getting the pan hot.

Fry until meat is cooked and onions have softened.  Put everything into the crock pot.  Cook overnight in the crock pot on low - this will allow the veg's and tomatoes to break down.

In the morning - add 3 tbs of tomato paste and 2/3 of a cup of beef broth.  Leave on low until lunch time or dinner time.

Note - if you don't like this much "heat" or spice - just reduce this accordingly.

Per serving "portion" yield if divided into 5 servings:
1 Protein, 1.5 Vegetable, 1 Miscellaneous:Seasoning*
* Includes .6 Tbsp of tomato paste, restricted to 1 Tbsp per day

Per serving yield if divided into 7 servings:
71 g Protein
242 g Veg's
.25 tbs seasoning
.42 tbs of tomato paste (only allowed 1tbs per day)
Beef broth is under liquids (with a restriction of 2/3 cup / day)


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Posted: Dec. 9 2006, 15:42 ET

Thanks Brian!   :)

Posted: Dec. 9 2006, 16:29 ET

Quote (DonnaC @ Dec. 09 2006,15:42)
Thanks Brian!   :)

Thank you!  This sounds like a great recipe.  I added the "5 servings" breakdown because that broke down into a clean quantity of proteins and vegetables.  I left your "7 servings" data in there as well.

I'm printing this one out to make sometime.

Posted: Dec. 20 2006, 09:06 ET

I made this Monday night and it was done (and I ate a serving) last night.  It was *very* good.

The only thing I should have done is transferred it to a regular pot and cooked it down a little to remove some of the excess moisture as it was a lot wetter than I'd have liked.  I used canned diced tomatoes and the chunks were pretty big.  I should have broken them down a bit in a blender and that probably would have thickened things a little.

Very good recipe.  I will be making it again.  Thanks!

Posted: Jan. 12 2007, 08:25 ET

Thanks Donna and Brian,
Another veal recipe!
I can see myself making this and pouring it warm over a green salad.  Almost like a Taco Salad....

Posted: Jan. 12 2007, 09:54 ET

Mmmmm .... good idea Suzanne!  I miss my Wendy's Taco Salads !