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Posted: Nov. 29 2009, 19:56 ET

My wife and I cook vegetarian at home. (She's been veggie for 20+ years and I try not to eat much meat because of the heath and environmental impacts of meat farming.)

We were buying the foodlist veggie broth, but were going through so much ("broth is the new oil" is a saying I coined early into the strict diet) that we decided to just make our own.

Super-easy, tasty, and with no chemicals etc from commercial products.

All measures are approximate, but you get the idea.

Vegetarian Broth

1 large onion
6 cloves garlic
celery tops and base from 1 or 2 celery (make sure to wash celery well - dirt gets trapped in the base and the leaves)

- chop onion and garlic and lightly saute in allowed spray oil
- as onions are cooking, add spices to taste, stirring frequently. We usually add:
    - 1 tsp oregano
    - 1/2 tsp rosemary
    - 1 tsp sage
    - 2 bay leaves
    - 1 tsp cracked peppercorns
    - 1 tsp gumbo seasoning
    - 2 tbsp soy sauce

- stir until onions are soft (if they start to stick, add a little water or a little of the last batch of broth)
- add 12-20 cups water and celery
- slowly bring to a boil, then reduce to med heat for 30-45 minutes
- cool and strain off all solids

Refrigerate broth for use.  Freezes well.

Posted: Nov. 29 2009, 22:38 ET

Thanks!! I'll have to try that :D (I'm vegetarian) I don't like buying broth because its so loaded with sodium. I've basically skipped soup since month 1.