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Posted: Oct. 3 2009, 21:43 ET

So I am heading out to a get together this evening and I am really hoping that I can resist the temptation to eat what I know will be in front of me.  Staying away from alcohol has never been an issue for me because I only really like wine and I'm not a big drinker so that I can handle.  Hoping to stay strong as this is the first "gathering" I have been to aside from a dinner etc.  I'm going to eat before I head out so I'll keep my fingers crossed!  Wish me luck and determination!  

This has not been the greatest week.  I had 2 really great weeks but this week has been tough, my body has not be cooperating with me and on Wednesday I hadn't gained anything but I hadn't lost either!  Things seem to be "moving" again if you know what I mean and I hope that was what stalled the weight loss.  Hoping to be back on track come Monday's weigh in.... thanks for listening! :)

Ms. Maniac
Posted: Oct. 3 2009, 22:28 ET

Good luck, Bubba! You'll do just fine. :)

Posted: Oct. 3 2009, 22:44 ET

Best of luck, Bubba! I'm sure you'll do well. :)

My weight loss has been the same as yours. It seems like we started around the same time. My first two weeks went great, and this third week I only lost a little on Wednesday and then had a 1 lb gain on Friday. Hopefully Monday will be better for both of us! :)

Posted: Oct. 3 2009, 23:19 ET

Stick with you, it will be worth it! I've made it thru my first month, and I'm happy I stuck with it. For some reason -this diet gives you willpower :)

Posted: Oct. 3 2009, 23:31 ET

Some weeks are just like that and yes it's frustrating and then the scale drops and you are glad you made the commitment to stay strict.

Posted: Oct. 4 2009, 03:08 ET

Thanks so much for all the encouragement everyone!!!  I'm home and I stuck with it, took my allowed drink with me and there was no pressure to eat and to my surprise, no desire to eat! I finally have the willpower I knew I had! Night everyone.