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Posted: Sep. 5 2009, 22:11 ET

Creamy Salmon Pasta

100g Stirfry Salmon Strips
1 teaspoon garlic powder
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 tablespoon Philadelphia 95% FF Cream Cheese (Herb & Garlic)
8 oz shirataki noodles


1.  Season the salmon strips with salt, pepper & garlic powder.

2.  Wash, boil, and drain the shirataki noodles. Set aside.

3.  Spray non-stick pan with PAM & fry the seasoned salmon strips on low heat until cooked (about 7-10mins).

4.  With a wooden spoon, break the salmon strips into smaller pieces (in the frying pan).

5.  Add the cream cheese to the salmon & let it melt on low heat.

6.  Add the shirataki noodles to the salmon/cream cheese mixture & mix well.

ENJOY!!! :)

Yield: 1 Protein, 3 Garnish