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T Minus 80
Posted: Jun. 29 2009, 09:21 ET

So last night I made the recipe for spicy lentil burgers from the cookbook.  Blad blah blah.  But it was like eating bread, enjoyed the texture but it had no taste at all.  I don't think I will make these again.

Does anyone have any tips to make these taste a little better?

T Minus 80
Posted: Jun. 29 2009, 17:03 ET

I didn't think there was a way to taste these up!  I guess they aren't a big hit.

Posted: Jun. 29 2009, 18:44 ET

I made them too a while back and have been watching this thread hoping there was someone brilliant out there with some tips but I guess not. I also didn't find them very spicy and ended up putting some salsa on them to add some flavour.

I went to so much trouble to make them and felt I should eat them . . . I like the recepie for turkey burgers that was posted a while ago -- will definatly do that one . . .

T Minus 80
Posted: Jun. 29 2009, 19:08 ET

I say put in the middle of a Whopper to give it some taste.  I felt the same way, I had to finish the batch that I made.  Luckily I only made two dog turd piles!  Sorry for the temptation and the description, couldn't resist!