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Posted: Jun. 11 2009, 00:53 ET


So I am getting a little more adventurous in my cooking and I want to try out all those spices I hear everyone using but I am clueless!!!

I grew up with a British mother who didn't even use pepper and boiled everything. We won't talk about the other stuff that was fried and the amount of butter used . . .

So my question is for those of you who know what you are doing in the kitchen. . .

Is there a guideline for spices? Kinda like with wine -- ie this kind is good with chicken, this kind with fish etc?

Any tips would be much appreciated -- I am looking to spice/ flavour stuff up a bit.

Any omelet additions besides onion and garlic?

Any great marinades and sauces?

Thanks in advance!

West Coast Pudge
Posted: Jun. 11 2009, 02:51 ET

I know what you mean about the British mother.  If it wasn't grey or black, we didn't eat it.  She even made mashed potatoes with only potatoes and salt. No milk, sour cream or butter. Thank God my father is a mix of Russian, Hungarian and German and wife two was Italian.
Omelettes tast great with a little dill weed sprinkled on when cooking.  Also a little spicy salsa gives a lift.
Chicken and rosemary or basil
Paprika in almost anything

Bye for now