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Posted: Nov. 25 2006, 17:26 ET

Spray pan with Pam.  Saute some minced garlic and 1 tbsp. Patak's curry paste.  Add 100 g. of the Yves Veggie Chicken Grounds.  Add chopped coriander (10g).  Heat for 5 minutes.  Add 220g of chopped green beans, broccoli and mushrooms (or your favourite veggies).  Heat for a few minutes.  Add just less than 1/4 cup of water and cover for 5 minutes.  Place in a bowl and enjoy!

Yield: 1 protein, 1 vegetable and  1 misc. portion

This can also be put in 1/2 wheat wrap lined with lettuce (yield: 1 bread substitute portion)

Posted: Sep. 5 2007, 13:11 ET

Where do you get Patak curry in Vancouver?
Thanks very much

Posted: Sep. 8 2007, 23:44 ET

Hi :chef: Bailey, that sounded so yummy I added it to my grocery list.  Unfortunately the patak curry (in the jar) here has a pretty high fat content.  Are you using the tandoori or the curry?  Just asking because I don't see a lower fat version on the shelves or anything on the approved list?

Thanks for your help!

Posted: Sep. 9 2007, 00:12 ET

Has to be Patak's Tandoori curry paste, which has a lot fewer calories than the other flavours, and is on the BC list on the DR B internet site (has far more than the booklet). I found it by asking for help in Safeway; it was in the Asian section.

Grace II
Posted: Sep. 9 2007, 01:36 ET

It sounds amazing. Thank-you so much for contributing this.