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Posted: Mar. 18 2009, 14:22 ET

If you're having hunger pangs or just craving something but have already eaten your portions- I found that a cup of sodium-reduce chicken/beef/vegetable borth with a pinch or two of vegeta seasoning does the trick especially on a cold winter night (but we won't have any more of those this season, right  :p )

Posted: Mar. 18 2009, 20:20 ET

What exactly is vegeta... and where can I find it??


Posted: Mar. 18 2009, 21:05 ET

I love the reduced sodium broth as a filler but beware ... the sodium content in both it and the vegeta is still pretty high so for those like me who are hugely affected by sodium, may not be a great idea!  :(

VEGETA ... I guess you could call it an all purpose seasoning.  It comes in either a blue pouch or I've seen it in a resealable can too.  It can be found in just a regular grocery store .. I bought it at Food Basics but I've also seen it at Fortinos (loblaws chain).  I believe it is usually around the packaged soup mixes but could be mistaken, may be near the spices.

Posted: Mar. 18 2009, 21:17 ET

The broth is my main filler as well....I find it truly satisfying.  Lucky for me my blood pressure tends to be on the low side of normal so salt is not at all a problem for me when on strict....it actually helps to regulate the pressure which tends to be even lower when on the diet.

North Van Kaza
Posted: Apr. 3 2009, 01:44 ET

I was looking for some tips on how to have a simple broth filler.  I'll try this next time!

Thanks for the tip.

I find Vegeta to be great!  Great in stir frys.