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Posted: Mar. 16 2009, 19:17 ET

Yves' Salami Slices, Breakfast Patties, Chili Dogs; Galaxy Foods Veggie Slices (Cheddar flavour) and PC Blue menu soy hot dogs

-Yves' can typicaly be found at most grocery stores - I have bought them at Safeway, Extrafoods/Superstore, as well as Save-On, Choices and Whole Foods. PC Blue menu soy hotdogs, wherever you buy PC products.
Galaxy Veggie Slices I have found at ExtraFoods, Urban Fare as well as a couple of health/alternative food stores in the Vancouver area.

For my whole life I have been a processed meat nut! Especially for salami, sausage and hot dogs. Before starting Dr. B I was eating a vegan diet for a couple of months and tried these.

While they have done a good job replicating the flavour of the salami, it of course lack the rich, fatty taste of salami - which I'm sure some of us don't find appealing anymore anyway, so bonus! They are pretty thick, so four slices makes a decent sandwhich.

I would say the same thing about the taste of the breakfast patties. Good flavour, but a bit dry. They're also kind of small, not really worth it on this diet.

Again, same with the chili dogs. They just haven't found a way to get these as juicy as the real thing. I've also tried the PC Blue menu soy dogs and prefer them to the Yves. A better texture, not as spicy but I put hot sauce on just about everything anyway!

Galaxy Food Veggie Slices are okay, when I compare them in taste and texture to the Kraft Fat Free slices. I would have to try them again to see which of the two I truly prefer, but they're definitely harder to find than the Kraft and probably more expensive.