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Posted: Nov. 24 2006, 16:48 ET

Cut up a half of a Dempster's Tortilla (1 bread) and sprayed it with Becel topping and sprinkled a little basil and garlic powder - baked in the oven and then spread one cheese slice (fat free Kraft chedder) on and melted the cheese. Voila! My own homemade nacho's.

Yield:  1 bread, 1/2 protein

Posted: Nov. 24 2006, 16:55 ET

Hi Leslie.  Some questions to save a little experimenting.

What temp do you cook them at?
Do you put them on a cookie sheet or just on the grate?
About how far do you set the rack from the element?
I assume you're baking (bottom element only) and not using the broiler (top element)?

Posted: Nov. 24 2006, 18:35 ET

I just put it under the broiler. I put the rack closer to the bottom of the stove and set to broil. I wait till the chips are looking crispy before I put the cheese on - doesn't take long for it to melt and if you put it on too soon it melts away to nothing. So for about 3 - 5 minutes under the broiler and check the crispiness and then put a little bit of cheese on each chip and let it melt a bit. And I do put them on a cookie sheet.