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Posted: Mar. 7 2009, 19:11 ET

First I'd like to say since we can only have beef once a week, treat yourself and purchase tenderloin steak, it's absolutely magnificent.  I'm not a big steak/meat eater but I absolutely love cut of meat even though it's quite expensive.  100g will cost about $6

If the steak is very thick place wax paper over top and flatten it with a rolling pin.

Be sure the heat the frying pan good and then spray with cooking spray.  Put the steak on and sprinkle ground cumin (trust me it's amazing, it's commonly used in Central American cuisine), salt and fresh lime juice.  Don't overcook it - you only need to flip once. About 5 minutes (not more) on each side.

You can have this as a steak with your favourite allowed veggies or have them as fajitas by cutting the steak into strips  and grilling onions and bell peppers in same pan and serve on tortilla - I wouldn't even add sour cream because the taste of steak alone is heavenly.

Posted: Mar. 30 2009, 08:38 ET


I just had to post and let you know that I made this over the weekend, and it was awesome!  My husband and I absolutley LOVED it!
I know this will now become a "regular" item on our menu...we usually have tenderloin every other weekend, so this gives us a new way to prepare it.

Fantastic recipe, thanks for sharing!  :bounce: