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Posted: Oct. 1 2008, 12:14 ET

Hi There...

I don't do coffee or tea but love my hot chocolate when it starts to get colder.  Does anyone know if there is a kind/brand out there that we can have while on strict?



Posted: Oct. 1 2008, 13:07 ET

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the clinic sell hot chocolate as a protein substitute?

I think you can buy them in boxes like the bars.

Posted: Oct. 2 2008, 09:08 ET

As far as I remember I'm pretty sure prairieshome is right!


Posted: Oct. 3 2008, 10:37 ET

Check out http://www.drbforums.com/cgi-bin/reviews.pl?item=3409 in our very own product review section.

Posted: Oct. 3 2008, 11:07 ET

Hmmmm, my nurse at the clinic has never heard of the stuff!
Any other suggestions...or can the clinic order it in for me?


Posted: Oct. 3 2008, 16:58 ET

The hot chocolate is available on the drbdiet.com website here.  You can order directly from the site or perhaps ask your clinic to order it in for you.

Posted: Oct. 3 2008, 20:20 ET

Thanks so much Ada, I didn't realize you could order stuff from his site.

Have a great weekend!