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Posted: Aug. 24 2008, 21:07 ET

I'm trying to cut some fat, and therefore doing some caloric restriction.  That and Florida summer weather have renewed my interest in a calorie free Slurpee.

In a previous post I posted my recipe/method for a Diet Coke Slurpee.  I may need to revisit that at some point, but honestly it was such a pain in the butt that it may not be worth the extra effort -- especially when this method is so simple.

8 fluid ounces of a very concentrated, very sweet* liquid
1 tsp. of glucomannan powder
Liquid Splenda (optional)

* This can be just about anything, but the important part is that it needs to be very concentrated as you'll be diluting it quite a bit.  If you want a Coke Slurpee for instance, Coke out of a bottle/can won't cut it, you're going to need Coke syrup.  See "Concentrates I've Used" below for my suggestions.

First off, you need a serious blender for this.  Not your average $30 housewares blender, but something real good at crushing ice and blending very thick things at a relatively low speeds (requiring a bunch of torque).  If you try to spin this too fast, it will cavitate and the party stops.

1. Add your 8 fluid ounces of concentrated liquid to your blender.  Mine is always at room temp -- no idea if this matters.
2. Add your liquid Splenda if you need it.  
3. Put the lid on the blender and remove the center plug so you can add stuff while it's running.
4. Run the blender at its lowest speed and add 1 tsp. of glucomannan powder.  I do it 1/2 tsp. at a time -- no idea if that matters or if you could just dump the whole tsp. in.  Glucomannan clumps real easily, but the blender might not allow that no matter what.
5. Run the blender for about 30 seconds until you get a pretty thick goo.  If you run it too fast it will probably aerate and foam up and we don't want that.
6. Put about 3 cups of ice in a large plastic cup.
7. Add 8 fluid ounces of water (or a complimentary liquid*) to the ice in the cup.
8. Dump the ice/water/liquid into the blender, cap the blender and start the blender running at whatever speed will let it pulverize the ice and keep spinning without trying to suck so much air down to the blades that it cavitates (creates an air pocket around the blades which stops the blending action).
9. Run the blender until your drink is the smoothness you wanted.  As the ice crystals melt a little you can increase the blender speed a bit more too.

Voilà.  You should probably end up with about 32 ounces or more of slushy (because the glucomannan volumizes the mixture as it freezes up).

Concentrates I've Used
DaVinci Sugar Free (calorie free) Watermelon Syrup [my present favorite]
DaVinci Sugar Free (calorie free) Raspberry Syrup
Caffeine Free Diet Coke Syrup (bought "BreakMate" cartons of syrup)

DaVinci makes a "cola" syrup that would probably work well in place of the genuine Diet Coke Syrup but I haven't tried it.

I'd also think that whether using the DaVinci cola syrup or the genuine Diet Coke Syrup, rather than using water in the ice, using 8 ounces of actual carbonated Diet Coke would be better, but I haven't had a chance to try that yet.

Anyway, I've got this down to complete repeatability now.  The big trick is the procedure and having a powerful enough blender.

P.S. If you're wondering what the heck the purpose of the glucomannan is in this recipe, it's to make the starting goo concentrate thick enough to keep the ice slowed down enough to get pulverized well and give a matrix to distribute the pulverized ice in.  If you just used the syrup without the glucomannan, you'd end up with a bunch of liquid and a big clump of pulverized ice -- not a smooth evenly mixed drink.

Posted: Aug. 25 2008, 00:01 ET

you must REALLY like slurpees to go to all this trouble! :D

Posted: Aug. 25 2008, 12:02 ET

Quote (shan5338 @ Aug. 25 2008,00:01)
you must REALLY like slurpees to go to all this trouble! :D

Well, I do like Slurpees quite a bit.  That said, this wasn't the result of a concentrated "I need to solve this Slurpee problem" effort.  Actually I had made a protein shake in the blender, and had just cleaned it, and saw a bottle of DaVinci syrup in the cupboard that I forgot I had, and the idea just sort of popped into my head.  Over the next week or so I'd make one now and again, adjusting the quantity of ice/water, etc. until it turned out just right.  Once I had it just right, then I posted it.

The great thing about posting these things, is when I haven't made one of these for like 6 months, and then can't remember how, I can always come to the forums and look it up.   :D