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Posted: Aug. 16 2008, 13:11 ET

Here is a small program that you can download to do conversions for you .. I use for converting ounces to grams .. it has many other uses also ..


Posted: Aug. 16 2008, 23:55 ET

Looks like a great tool Roland.  Thanks!  :thumbs:

Posted: Aug. 17 2008, 08:21 ET

Nice tool!  Thanks :)

This one is online and i've found it pretty useful too.


Posted: Aug. 18 2008, 22:37 ET

All cool tools.  Here's one I use a lot.  They also sell an actual calculator (like the kind you carry around with you) that does metric conversions, and another that is specifically for recipes.  I keep meaning to order both of those calculators to see if they are as handy as I think they'd be -- especially the recipes one (since it can do portion conversions as well as metric/US.

Great topic.  Should this topic stay here or get moved to "Resources"?  Whadda y'all think?