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Posted: Jun. 28 2008, 19:52 ET

hello everyone. i came up with a great way to eat plenty of vegetables without having to suffer through that awful vegetable taste.

just make this no-nonsense soup. it's not a "recipe". it's an easy soup.

take a large soup pot and fill it with three litres of cold water. now throw in two or three chicken breasts. get the water boiling and then simmer the chicken on medium for half an hour.

after that, fill the pot with as many vegetables as you can fit into it. use a big, large pot. i use chopped celery, chopped onions, chopped broccoli, and chopped cauliflower. if you want you can add some salt and some pepper.

now simmer this soup for three hours. that's no typo, three hours. that's how you'll get around not using a "boullion cube" or any other sodium-filled "soup base".

believe me, this makes a great soup. fish out the boiled chicken breasts out of the soup and cut them up into strips and throw them back in.

there you go. plenty of soup for three days. each day it'll give you two servings of vegetables, a serving and a half of protein, and plenty of fluids.

that's how i do vegetables. it's been working great.

Posted: Jun. 28 2008, 20:07 ET

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