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Posted: Nov. 15 2006, 21:42 ET

I made this taco wrap tonight and it turned out pretty good. †This was my first time using the 'Yves' veggie products. †It actually tasted like marinated ground chicken and was very tasty with the tomato sauce. †

Sautee 100g. 'Yves Just Like Ground Veggie-Chicken' and 2oz. of Huntís Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce for about 4 - 5 minutes. †Place the mixture in 1/2 wheat tortilla.

Top with your favourite vegetables, 2 tbsp. Old El Paso Salsa and 1 tbsp. Beatrice Fat Free Sour Cream.


Yield: 1 protien, veggies variable, 2 garnishes

Posted: Nov. 15 2006, 22:49 ET

I buy the Yves Veggie Ground Round all the time.  It's a pretty good substitute for ground beef too.