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Posted: May 26 2008, 20:17 ET

For more info on Yves vegetarian products click Yves Canada or Yves USA

Yves products can usually be found in most grocery stores in the produce, deli or freezer section.

Serving: 48g, Calories: 70, Fat: 1g, Total Carbs: 4g, Dietary Fiber: 0g, Sugars: 1g, [Net Carbs: 4g], Protein: 14g

post-60-47475-deli_pizzapepp_cdn.jpg (image/jpeg)

Posted: Jun. 9 2008, 11:35 ET

I like these when making a pita pizza. As sauce, I usually add salsa, then the pepperoni slices, then your preferred cheese.  Yumm!

Posted: May 31 2009, 02:40 ET

These are great on pizza, and I love that I can add enough of them to cover my whole pizza! I use some cheese and then half of this protein which is 9 slices! Yummm.

Posted: Feb. 1 2010, 16:24 ET

I made a pizza with the veggie pepperoni, used 1 La Tortilla shell, 1 T of Salsa instead of pizza sauce, 9 pieces of pepperoni, an ounce of thinly sliced peppers, topped with 2 oz of Allegro cheese - it was wonderful!  I think 2 oz of cheese is a little too much, think I will just use 1 oz next time and more pepperoni.