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Posted: May 23 2008, 13:34 ET

In another topic Spiboy and I discussed various permutations of making a diet rootbeer "float".  None of the various things mentioned really "did it" for me.  I think my palate has changed and the heavy cream just has a terrible "lard essence" to it (to me).

I'm nothing if not persistent, and I came up with a concoction that's actually pretty decent, has a good rootbeer cream flavor, and happens to be strict legal.

12 oz. can of your favorite diet rootbeer (A&W, Barq's, etc.)
20 drops of "Vanilla Cream" flavored liquid stevia
1 fl. oz. of Dr. B Vanilla RTD protein shake

If you're lazy (like me), the simple method is:

Put lots of ice in a big cup.  Put in your 20 drops of the vanilla cream liquid stevia.  Pour in your 1 fluid ounce of Dr. B vanilla shake.  Pour in your can of diet rootbeer.

That works well enough except that the rootbeer causes some of the whey protein to come out of suspension in the Dr. B shake, making some little globs in your drink.  I assume the same thing would happen with milk.  

So, if you want to avoid the globs:  Pour rootbeer in glass with no ice.  Add liquid stevia.  Using a small hand mixer or a whisk or something, get the rootbeer spinning and slowly add the 1 ounce of Dr. B shake, mixing it in thoroughly.  Once mixed in, add a bunch of ice to it.

Honestly I don't generally like stevia as a sweetener because it has a bitter aftertaste and no reliable way to estimate "sugar equivalence".  I use it here to get the concentrated vanilla cream flavor, and it so happens that the rootbeer masks the stevia bitterness.

If anyone else makes this, I'd be interested in what you think of it (especially if you're able to improve it).

Yield:  1/8 Protein