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Posted: May 7 2008, 12:39 ET

My mom is on my case about losing so much weight so quickly (15lbs in 2wks).  I've just gone back to Dr. B after being away for 6months and its been amazing so far.

I know it'll level off a bit, though I hope I keep losing at least 4-6lbs a week.

How have you all handled those close to you commenting on your loss?

Posted: May 7 2008, 13:17 ET

Most people don't know I'm on Dr B - only my immediate family and one friend knows.  They know that the weight loss is rapid on this diet so they aren't concerned about the amount of weight I'm losing.

For everyone else - I never tell them how much I've actually lost.  For example, I've lost 40lbs, I say I 20lbs - because of my height and body structure I carry it well. When they ask how - I just say low carb and exercise and that's sufficient for most.  The less you tell people, the better. Jealously also rears its ugly head when people see you doing well.

In your case, I would explain to your mom how the diet works and it's meant to be rapid, otherwise we wouldn't be paying $600 a month!

Posted: May 7 2008, 13:45 ET

Thanks Sabina - my mom is the only one who knows how much I've actually lost and you're right, its best to keep the actual #'s from others.  Its none of their business anyways.

I'm going to stop giving her the 'real' answer to her question when she asks and just tell her she'll see the results next time I see her......(we get together about every 4-6wks).  I feel great and have no concerns, nor to the nurses at the clinic so I'll just be content to share with the board any success or challenges.

Thanks again!

Posted: May 8 2008, 13:34 ET

Hi Tera, great loss already! If you are feeling fine then I suppose there is no reason to worry.

I prepared my mom and husband that I will be losing a lot, so they were not concerned in the beginning. But, I was feeling so tired between 7th day (lost 6 pounds) and 10th day (lost additional 2 pounds in the meantime) so I started to worry a little bit. Luckily the weekend came, so I was able to get some rest and since then I feel great...

Posted: May 8 2008, 17:06 ET

when people were questioning me i told them how fantastic i was feeling and that i was still eating alot of veggies and protein.  tell them that you actually consume a pound of veggies a day.  that and the fact that i was supervised allayed my families' concerns.

Posted: Aug. 14 2008, 00:18 ET

I'm sure that this is probably too late to your problem, but I wanted to let you know what helped my Mom be okay with the program.

She was nervous, in large part because she researched online and read many of the negative reports.  Aside from the fact that my (non-Dr. B) doctor recommended the program, she also liked how well monitored it was.  I told her about the blood tests, the frequent doctor visits, the even-more-frequent nurse visits, the injections and vitamins and in my case (since I was larger when I started) the tests that I had to perform initially (ECG, etc).  Once she saw all the attention that was being paid to my medical condition, she felt much better about Dr. B.

Hope that everything worked out alright!