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Posted: Apr. 22 2008, 22:26 ET


Just wondering if anyone as invested in an electric meat grinder?  If so how do you like it and do you use it often?  How much did it cost?

I do have one of those older ones, and yes, while it is a terrific workout in itself to grind up meat, what pain in the.... :soapbox:

Posted: Apr. 23 2008, 02:19 ET

I'm really thinking about getting one, but they're just so expensive! I'm not sure I can justify it yet. I would LOVE one of the older manual ones! I can't find them ANYWHERE!!

Posted: Apr. 23 2008, 14:07 ET

I did not use it very often thru the diet however whenever I wanted to grind meat, I just used my Bullit thingy :D  don't remember exactly what it's called but it's one of those As Seen On TV things.  It comes with different size cups and stuff.  On the commercial they show you how many different things you can do with it.  They were kind of pricey when they came out but you can usually find them now for $40 or less.