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Posted: Apr. 22 2008, 21:32 ET

Ok, so this is my very first post...sure hope I am doing this right...

I made this tonight with a simple stir-fry...Egg Drop Soup is one of my favourites and I was making my husband one form a package tonight and threw this one on for me...

2 cups of 25% reduced chicken broth (or 2 bouillon cubes and water)
2 oz of green onions
1 tsp Vegeta
6 egg whites
Soya Sauce to Garnish

Simmer first 3 ingredients, bring to boil whisk in egg whites...voila...chinese egg drop soup...times 2 servings and I only used 1.75 oz of chicken in my stir fry and 6oz of veggies...this is very "eggy" so you could reduce the amount of egg whites and increase your other protein choice...

Posted: Apr. 22 2008, 22:09 ET

yummm sounds great!