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Posted: Nov. 8 2006, 16:15 ET

Has anyone tried making a cabbage soup, it was very tasty , and very very very easy ...

One head of Cabbage - chop up as much or as little as you want
8 cups of Water
2 garlic cloves
salt and pepper to taste

Cut cabbage into small enough pieces , cut garlic in halves, and add eight cups of cold water.. Boil until cabbage is tender, close to the end season with Salt and Pepper. Let cool then place in a blender , and whiz up until it's smooth, or the consistency that you want.

Now when I told the girls at the clinic, they said that it would be considered a water as well as veg ..
It is filling and warming on a cold day, and very yummy.... You could try this with any other veg ... It naturally thickens as it sits .. I'm going to try it out on Kale and Celery as well ...

If you don't like Cabbage oh well ... :D

Yield: Varies -- weigh the cabbage before cooking and count 1 Vegetable for each 8 ounces

Posted: Feb. 16 2007, 17:23 ET

I made this today.  It was very good, and simple.

Being of the mind that just about any food can be made better with hot peppers, I added two cut up jalapenos, and 12 ounces of diced tomatoes and green chilies.  My head of cabbage weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces, so that plus the tomatoes and chilies and jalapenos was pretty much right at 3 pounds (for a total of 6 vegetable servings).

I also added a teaspoon of the MSG-free Vegeta to the water, and doubled the garlic to 4 cloves.  I forgot my black pepper until after -- need to remember that next time, I just put it in the bowl afterwards this time.

I boiled it covered for about 2 hours.  Had to do it as two separate batches in the blender and man the blender makes quick work of it so use the "pulse" button!

Posted: Feb. 16 2007, 21:29 ET

Brian, I always smile when I read your recipes. You add jalapenos and other "heat" to everything!
You might think people like me are from Mars...although I love to cook, I have NEVER bought a jalapeno- or any other hot pepper. Maybe I should start adding a little kick to my recipes. Do you cut out the seeds and white flesh out or do you put in in the recipe??  


Posted: Feb. 17 2007, 09:49 ET

Hahaha, yep, I do enjoy my hot stuff.  When you decide to start into hot foods, do it slowly.  If you start with a big thing like this cabbage soup, maybe just add one jalapeno to the whole thing.  What I do when prepping the hot peppers is cut them in half, then cut out the placenta (white flesh) and seeds.  Then I dice up the flesh that's left.  Generally, most of the capsaicin (the hot stuff) is in the placenta (not the seeds as most people think), but there is plenty left in the flesh to add some warmth.  Also, and this is very important, you should really wear some gloves when cutting up hot peppers.  Capsaicin is not readily soluble in water, so it is kinda difficult to wash out of your skin if you prep them with bare hands.  Your hands honestly probably won't notice, but then later when your touch your face, eyes, or other things (ahem), you'll remember...  

Once you start to build up your tolerance to the things you can start using jalapenos in place of green peppers for just about all occasions.  Then you can start adding ground habanero (the hottest pepper of all) as a seasoning just like you'd add salt.

One of the really good things about adding hot stuff is that it really seems to lessen your dependence upon salt.  The hotter a food is, the less salty you want it to be because the two together are just too much.  Since we're supposed to watch our sodium intake, this is a bonus.

Start slow, and enjoy!

P.S. It honestly does seem like I lose slower when I go a week or two with little to no hot stuff.  Maybe the hot stuff just helps keep me regular -- who knows.

Posted: Feb. 18 2007, 01:14 ET

Thanks Brian!

I drove to the Low Carb Grocery Store in Toronto today and got my supply of "sweet" things. I guess its time to start adding the "spicy". Thanks for the tips on getting started!