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Posted: Nov. 8 2006, 16:13 ET

Made this the other night

100g Cooked Shrimp/Raw
Button Mushrooms or Cramini
Red/Orange/Yellow Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Spray butter - I can't believe its not butter / or other Dr.B allowed spray
Kabob Sticks - put into water to soak for at least 30min.

cut all veggies into bite size pieces
*before assembley season everything in a bowl with various spices- salt,pepper,cumin,corriander chipotle chili pepper.  Spray with spray butter(gives a mexican spin)

Assemble the kabobs ie: shrimp-onion-mushroom-pepper-tomatoe... Or whatever way you fancy

Place on a None stick cookie sheet
Broil for 5min ( for Cooked Shrimp) or if using Uncooked Shrimp then 5min on one side and  3-5 min on the other side, shrimp will turn pink when it is done. Note it does smoke a bit, so you need to watch it carefully.. and enjoy ...

*Note* if you can the earlier you season the better :chef:

Yield: 1 Protien, variable Vegetables -- weigh the vegetables before cooking and count 1 Vegetable for each 8 ounces