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Posted: Mar. 19 2008, 19:12 ET

1 Zologo's Vegetarian Kebab
1/2 pita
diced onions
diced tomatoes
diced cucumbers (optional if used cucumbers below)
hot peppers (optional)
shredded lettuce
.5-1 tbsp of tzatziki dip (see below for recipe)

1 kebab = 1/2 protein, you can use 2 but I think the pita will be overstuffed.  These things taste great!  Like a falafel but better.  Just microwave one for 60 seconds.

Spread tzatziki dip on pita and rest of ingredients and then wrap it.

Taste devine!!

tzatziki dip:
1tbsp sour cream
.5-1 garlic clove minced
1/2 tsp grated cucumber (seeded - optional)

You can obviously make a bunch more so it lasts longer.


1/2 protein, 1 bread, 1 garnish, 1/2 veg