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Posted: Mar. 15 2008, 12:12 ET

I bought some finished product at the oriental market and have used it to make Brian's "hash"...very tasty!

Now, has anyone tried making it into "rice"?  I'm thinking of shredding it (like cheese), frying it a with a bit of soya sauce and then serving some chicken curry on top.

Posted: Mar. 15 2008, 15:46 ET

Hi jedsend

I think I saw some "other" styles of the product on this website...


Kinda looks like orzo, so I think this would be a close alternative to your rice idea.

Keep us posted how it works for out for you!

Forgot to add -
They also have konjac LASAGNA NOODLES on this site - can't wait to try those too..they posted a recipe with it that looks promising with a few substitutions for strict or maybe for maintenance folks.

Posted: Mar. 15 2008, 20:34 ET

Well...it didn't work like I thought it would.  I tried shredding it but it kinda clumped together and didn't really shred.  I ended up cutting it into tiny pieces.  Oh well..it was worth a shot.

Thanks for the suggestions, Melissa.

Posted: Mar. 15 2008, 22:55 ET

If you want to make "rice", take the shirataki noodles and run them through a hand cranked meat grinder with the "coarse" blade in it.  Works perfect.

If you want to make something similar to cream of wheat (or "grits" for those of you in the southern U.S.), take the block style glucomannan, cut it into half-inch by half-inch cubes, add it with some water to a blender, and blend the daylights out of it.  Then dump it in a frying pan sprayed with Pam and heat on high until all the water is gone.

Both are excellent.