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Posted: Feb. 20 2008, 19:00 ET

Another one of my favourites is black bean soup so I substituted it for green lentils.

100g (dry weight - approx 1/2 cup) of green lentils (be sure to rinse them )
8oz of onion, green/yellow/orange pepper and zucchini
1tsp cumin*
chili pepper*

*to taste

Add lentils to pot and approximately 2 cups of water (depending on your desired consistency, if you're adding water to an already boiling pot, be sure the extra water you add is boiled first).

Bring to boil and remove the froth with spoon

Add in remaining ingredients and let simmer until vegetables are tender.

Take pot off heat and use a hand blender to puree the soup and return to heat and let simmer for another 5mins.

This soup thickens once cooled.

Yields 1 protein and 1 vegetable.

Posted: Feb. 29 2008, 22:18 ET

Yet another tasty looking recipe!