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Posted: Feb. 20 2008, 18:50 ET

Taco salads (made with blackbeans, cheddar cheese and taco shells/nachos) are one of my favourites meals so here's a pretty good alternate that satisfied my craving for one:

1 serving of ground veggie protein
8oz of tomato, lettuce and onion
1/2 tortilla
1tbsp fat free sourcream
2tbsp salsa

*not sure if taco seasoning is allowed, if not use the following:
cayenne pepper
1/4-1/2 tsp of ground cumin
minced garlic or garlic powder

In a frying pan, break apart the ground veggie, add garlic, cumin cayenne and water and simmer.  Tofu/soy takes on flavour so I like to really let the flavours soak in, so everytime the water has evaporated, I keep adding more water.  I do this for 30mins.  You can also add 1/2 of the salsa in this step or save it for later, or you can add allowed jalepeno peppers.

Next, spray PAM on both sides of a tortilla and bake in oven until slightly brown - this happens quickly so be careful.

In a plate add desired amounts of tomato, lettuce and onion that equals 8oz.  

Crunch/break the cooled tortilla over the salad.

Pour ground veggie mixture over top

Place small droplets of sourcream  and salsa equaling to allowed amount and voila!

Yields 1 protein, 1 bread and 1 vegetable.

Posted: Feb. 29 2008, 22:17 ET

Boy, you're just full of good recipes.  Thanks for another yummy sounding one.

Posted: Feb. 29 2008, 22:56 ET

I made this one with chunks of chicken instead of the faux hamburger.....I can bring myself to eat it..lol but with the chicken it was really tasty

Posted: Mar. 1 2008, 00:32 ET

This sounds really, really good! Thanks for sharing!!

Posted: Mar. 1 2008, 09:25 ET

This sounds great...thanks for sharing!!