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Posted: Feb. 18 2008, 18:54 ET

I just throw together this soup and it turned out really good:

200g cooked shredded chicken breast
2 portion of chicken broth (sodium reduced)
water (depends on the broth used)
16oz of green beans, onion and tomatoes
smidge of fresh ginger grated
1 tsp of vegeta

I boiled the onions in water and broth for 5mins and then added the remaining ingredients.

Yield: 2 Proteins; 2 Vegetable; 0.5 Miscellaneous: Seasoning

Posted: Feb. 18 2008, 19:41 ET

Sounds like a soup worth trying...  thanks for sharing :)

Posted: Apr. 28 2008, 23:50 ET

This sounds great - and I might even try some of those Shiritaki tofu noodles that are FREE for 4oz serving a day :) That would make it a chicken noodle soup!!

I'll be making a double batch and freezing it for another meal.......love soups!


Posted: Apr. 30 2008, 12:00 ET

Hey All...where can I buy the Shirataki noodles in Canada? Are they available at one of the common grocery stores like Loblaws, Dominion, Food Basics? Thanks!

Posted: Apr. 30 2008, 15:32 ET

Tera ...... WARNING don't make a double batch and freeze it with Shiritaki noodles in it.  They absolutely cannot be frozen - you will ruin your whole soup.  Shiritaki noodles are mostly water and for some reason, once they are frozen and thawed they look & feel like that rawhide stuff you would feed a dog.  When I make a big batch of soup to freeze, I wait and put the noodles in each portion as I am reheating.

Pink - your best bet for Shiritaki noodles is either an Asian Grocery store or The Low Carb Grocery.  I have however heard that some Whole Foods stores do now carry them.