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Posted: Feb. 9 2008, 23:09 ET

Vegie Shirataki Noodle Soup - "Asian" style

1 pkg (8oz) Shirataki Noodles (I used the Spaghetti style - House Foods, Tofu Shirataki)
2 1/4 cups chicken broth (water and McCormick bouillon cube - or change to your flavour preferance)
8 oz. following chopped vegies: (any combination - but these were the approx. amounts I used)
(3oz) asparagus
(2oz) broccoli
(1oz) mushrooms
(1oz) green onions (finely chopped)
(1oz) celery (finely chopped)
3-4 dashes Kikkoman Soy Sauce
1 Tb salsa (optional)
salt & pepper to taste

Prepare the noodles (rinse well under hot water, then gently heat/dry in frying pan sprayed with PAM). Heat chicken broth to boiling, then turn down heat. Add asparagus first, gently boiling for about 4 mins., then add remain vegies, soy sauce , salt & pepper. Add noodles and continue cooking for about 10-12 mins. for noodles to get the flavour. Stir in 1Tb salsa before serving for added "zip".

(2) Garnish: (4 oz Noodles each)
(1) Vegie
1/2 Salsa serving


Background story - I made this tonight because I had run out of protein options for dinner. I found the Ketogenics Pancake/Waffle Mix (1 protein), and used it for breakfast with the Walden Farms pancake syrup. My family has BIG weekend tradition - pancakes, waffles, bacon or sausage every weekend. So I wanted to "fit in".....

Super Mom
Posted: Feb. 10 2008, 11:52 ET

I just ordered some of these noodles from the Low Carb Store can't wait to try your soup!

Sounds good,