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Posted: Feb. 4 2008, 23:28 ET

I made these tonight and they are sooo yummy!

4-5 extra large white mushrooms
50gr (1/2 serving) crab meat-no legs
1.5 slices (1/2 serving) allowable cheese slices (i used the mozzarella)
1 tbsp green onions
8-10 mini garden vegetable bretons-crushed into crumbs
dash of paprika, dash of garlic powder
1/2 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp fat free cream cheese

-preheat oven to 350degrees
-wash the mushrooms, remove the stems then set aside
combine the crab, mayo, cream cheese, green onions, garlic powder and paprika.  
-Crush the bretons into crumbs, and tear the cheese slices into little pieces and add to the mixture.  
-stuff the mushrooms full, all the way over the top and sprinkler a little paprika on top.  
-bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

and enjoy! these are very satisfying for an occasional treat meal.

1 protein (including 1/2 serving of processed protein), 2 garnish, vegetable varies on weight of mushrooms (mine was 5.5oz), almost 1 bread (i counted as 1)

tip: don't substitute the plain bretons for the garden vegetable ones, these ones add alot to the flavour.

Posted: Feb. 6 2008, 12:49 ET


I just made these today....thank you they are SO YUMMY!!!! feels like cheating :-)

Posted: Feb. 18 2008, 18:59 ET

i've started making these using the whole amount of crab allowed (70 gr) and cutting out the prcoessed.  they taste the same and it eliminates one of your processed servings for the week.

Posted: Feb. 22 2008, 13:09 ET

I tried this recipe today... using 2 extra large Portobellini mushrooms.  I went with miricle whip 'cause it's all I have and I only had triscuits so I crumbled 4 of them into the mixture and also shredded 10grams of Allegro cheese and sprinkled 5 grams on top of each stuffed mushroom.  I really enjoyed it... I'm thinking the button mushrooms wouldn't be a strong tasting as the Portobellini but they were great just the same.    I'd make this again for sure... it did feel like I was eating something... forbidden :D

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Posted: Feb. 29 2008, 23:40 ET

Sounds great and looks popular.  Thanks!!!

Posted: Jul. 27 2010, 21:26 ET

My boyfriend made this for me just an hour ago.

It is amazing! And the portion is huge!

I feel so full! What a lovely feeling! :D