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Posted: Jan. 29 2008, 11:23 ET

so last night I made my own wild mushroom soup
1 cup chickem broth
1 cup beef broth
1 tbsp philly cream cheese
1 tbsp of 1% milk
put in sauce pan..heat up..then whisk with whisker
i added garlis and roasted peppers (costco) seasoning
some parsley
In Frying pan i cut up 8oz of mushrooms
regular one, shitakkie ones,and portabellea ones
Fry those up in pam and some garlic
When the mushrooms where tender i through them into my boiling creation
let simmer for about 20 mins(while i made the rest of the family their dinner)
(doesnt need to simmer that long)
Pepper and salt to flavor
ummm yummy...i missed mushroom soup and this was really good
makes 2 bowls
But is only:
1 veggie
2 liquids (chicken broth has no limits now)
2 garnishes

Let me know what u think

Posted: Feb. 25 2008, 22:00 ET

I think... I'm going to try this one... sounds very 'yummy'.  I haven't had mushroom soup in ages and it's one of my 'old favourites' !

Thanks for sharing,

Posted: Jul. 15 2009, 16:05 ET

This has got to be the best soup ever!  I made it last night & had it for lunch today - AWESOME!  I had one variation I used less liquid: 1/2 Cup chicken broth & 1/2 Cup beef broth