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Posted: Jan. 11 2008, 14:44 ET

Hi everyone :)

Staci's post this morning in the Glucomannan Discussion forum mentioning pearl-shaped shirataki reminded me of what I had for supper last night. I really enjoy one-pot meals, so last night I made a pot of couscous according to the directions on the box, added some curry and other seasonings, and then threw the whole thing into a frying pan with already-scrambled eggs and a small can of whole button mushrooms that I'd browned slightly before-hand. I heated the whole thing through and let the couscous brown a little on the bottom so it was slightly crunchy - yum!

Now, it occurs to me that Dr. B-ers could substitute Staci's pearl-shaped shirataki for the couscous (if you're at the right stage of maintenance, some whole-wheat couscous might work, too), egg-beaters for the whole eggs, and you could add whatever legal veggies you wanted - for eg, fresh mushrooms, green beans chopped small (was thinking green peas, but if carrots are verboten, so must peas), onions and/or garlic, green or red peppers (or chili peppers!), water chestnuts, baby corn... You get the idea - and if some of these suggestions are illegal, please forgive me: I still have no idea what's all on the food lists. As to seasonings, I used curry, garlic salt, onion salt, powdered ginger, and white pepper. But you can certainly substitute whatever you have around the house that appeals to you...

I'd like to challenge some of our talented cooks to set this all up as a proper recipe with amounts and food counts, using only legal ingredients...

Go have fun :D :D

Melisma (sitting back hopefully, here under her Rock)