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Grace II
Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 21:05 ET

Outstanding !!

2 Giant Scallops weighing a total of 100gm
1 package cubed GLUCOMANNAN ( I'm guessing about 4 oz )RINSED well
4 0z mixed onion, yellow pepper and brocolli finely diced
4 oz bean sprouts
4 tablespoons chicken broth
Lite Soy Sauce ( I have been using Maggi since the beginning of my diet there are others out there.)
In teflon pan spray pam and wait until until pan is quite hot.
Split Scallops and brown on each side. Add Glucomannan cubes ande brown on both sides. Deglaze pan with chicken broth and put mixture aside in large bowl.
Add a squirt of more pam to frying pan and saute onions, yellow pepper and broccoli until soft.
Add Scallop mixture and toss. Add bean sprouts until coated and heated through. Sprinkle with soy sauce to taste.
1 protein, 1 Vegetable, 1/2 garnish.

( I followed this with strawberries in strawberry jello. Heavenly meal !! )

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 21:56 ET

Although I'm not a sea-food eater, this recipe does give me some ideas I'd love to try. I'll experiment and get back to you...

Brian, do you think we need a glucomannan recipe section in this forum? I know there're recipes using shirataki in the regular recipe forum, but if we are going to use the term glucomannan and want to avoid outsiders finding the forum in a random keyword search for 'glucomannan'... Just thinking aloud...

Melisma - ducking back under her Rock to go back to studying: I'm starting my medical transcription course today! :D :D

Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 23:06 ET

I was thinking the exact same thing.  It is done and I've moved this recipe to the new forum.

In compliance with the glucomannan terminology guidelines, I've change the title of this from "Scallops and Glucomannan" to "Scallops and Shirataki".

This indeed sounds like something that shirataki would be perfect for.  I buy the "dice" shirataki from KonjacFoods.com and this will be great.

Grace II
Posted: Jan. 3 2008, 23:22 ET

Tomorrow night I will present my next dinner :)

The possabilities are endless !