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Posted: Jan. 2 2008, 11:31 ET

In my nearly-completed quest to make a "diet friendly" version of macaroni and cheese I discovered this product and one other (Kernel Season's reviewed separately) that are simply fantastic.

This is a cheese flavored powder that you can shake on things like broccoli, etc.  It is low calorie, fat, carb, etc. when used in moderation and really packs a punch of flavor.  I spray my broccoli with ICBINB spray, and then give a good shaking of this on top, and it really is great.  This stuff isn't allowed on strict, but if someone submitted it, maybe it could get approved.

I found this in the grocery store, in the spice section, near the butter flavored sprinkles.  You can order it online at Amazon or any number of places if your grocery store doesn't carry it.

Serving: tsp (2g), Calories: 5, Fat: 0g, Total Carbs: 1g, Dietary Fiber: 0g, [Net Carbs: 1g], Protein: 0g

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