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Posted: Jan. 1 2008, 12:49 ET

As it says in the forum description:

Here's where you should post any tips, tricks, instructions, or "recipes" for preparing or otherwise using glucomannan -- either the flour itself, or novel uses of the shirataki noodles that are made from it.  Please do not post "how do I" questions here.  Those questions should go in "Glucomannan discussion" and then if they elicit a really useful tip in response, I'll ask the person with the tip to make a post here.  That will keep this forum "heavy" with content to make it easy to find the helpful tips.

All glucomannan forums are "members only" because I don't want to attract the universe of glucomannan users here since we're a Dr. B forum.

I have worked out several tips and tricks that will save you tons of time and aggravation, which I will post here shortly.  I also have some things that I've not been able to work out (frustrating) which I'll post in "Glucomannan Discussion".  

I'm also going into the server to modify the spell checker and add the words "glucomannan" and "shirataki".  Please note the correct spelling of shirataki.  I mis-spelled it shiritaki for some time, but according to the commercial packages I have, it's shirataki and that's how I'm adding it to the spell checker.  Let me know if you have other words that need to be added as a result of this new topic.

Posted: Jan. 1 2008, 14:38 ET

Hey Brian, great idea to separate the topics!

question for you about your experiments, you mentioned that you had trouble making noodles but had made a sheet. Have you by chance try a pasta machine (hand crank version)?

While these obviously work with flour based doughs I've also seen the Iron chefs using chick pea flour doughs etc with the machines.

my apologies in advance if you already know this but these machines come with a fettuccine/angel hair/tagliatelle  or linguine attachment where you can cut the sheet of pasta that you have rolled into those 2 shapes.

Another idea would be a ravioli mould: lay down a sheet of shirataki, make a filling and put on the sheet (for strict maybe something with chicken breast and spinach, I'd have to think about it), place another sheet on top and use a standard rolling pin to press and seal.

Home pasta machines

Posted: Jan. 1 2008, 23:21 ET

Thanks for the suggestions Maile.  I have a crank type pasta maker that I bought just for this, but my problem occurs much earlier in the process.

I just made a post that explains it in some detail.

I'm sure we'll all figure it out.  I'll post up some tips of things that do work well tomorrow.